the problem

The upcoming digital world implies an increasing amount of internet connected devices in the area of the Internet of things (IoT). A great part of those devices and single components are produced in foreign countries. Thus, vulnerabilities in the binary code of just one single component is sufficient to put the entire system of an IoT device at risk. Usually, foreign suppliers provide access to the binary code of their devices or components only. So far, the analysis of binary code has been provided by experts specializing in manual binary analysis – an approach which is error-prone, time consuming and costly. Due to absence of government regulations, many IoT devices available on the market have not been sufficiently evaluated. As a consequence, we encounter a drastic increase in hacking attacks.

the solution

The Code Intelligence Team has developed a tool to identify vulnerabilities and programming errors in binary code without access to the source code. Custom-built decompiler technologies, an artificial intelligence and a comprehensive data base of vulnerabilities facilitate the automated detection of vulnerabilities in binary code. Companies will be enabled to ensure the security of their products and make more qualified decisions about their prospective suppliers. Audited binary codes reduces risks of high fines and reputational damage.