Code Intelligence offers a variety of services to help you secure your software. Here you will find an overview of these:

critical vulnerability awareness

Through fuzzing a large scale of attack vectors can be tested automatically through pseudo-random mutations of the input parameters, uncovering vulnerabilities as well as reliability issues efficiently and timely. The effect of the process has already been confirmed by Code Intelligence on open source software. As useful as fuzzing is in uncovering bugs in software, setting it up and using it properly is time-consuming and requires highly qualified IT security experts. Code Intelligence support is twofold: on the one hand to make security testing experts work more efficiently, and on the other hand to make the security testing process more usable and automated so that even developers without security expertise can implement modern standards.

integration into the software development process

Code Intelligence helps you to integrate fuzzing into your software development process. Code Intelligence simplified the development of fuzz targets, entry points for fuzzing, for your software solution and to set up a fuzzing infrastructure. If the infrastructure with the fuzz targets is set up accordingly, it tests your program (semi-)automatically and thus supports you in avoiding external access.

simple error descriptions

Our software simplifies the error descriptions and crashes that the so-called fuzzer spits out, so that even developers without a security background can identify and eliminate the vulnerabilities.

No false positives

With the help of the procedures we use, the number of supposedly found errors is reduced to zero. You save time and money in the software development process, as the search for potential false positives is no longer necessary. Static analysis tools detect supposed vulnerabilities, but cannot distinguish between those that require intervention and those that do not.