the problem

As the world becomes more and more digital and networked, the risk of unwanted access increases. According to Bitkom, damages in Germany alone amount to approximately 55 billion euros per year. The damage will continue to increase in the future as a result of sanctions and fines under the new EU DSGVO. Static security tests (such as Fortify, Coverity) require a lot of expertise because the developer has to check the messages manually. In reality, this does not create real security. Fuzzing, is a technique with which many security holes are found, but requires IT security experts and domain knowledge. Since software developers are already costly and IT security experts for this technology are rare, it is usually only used by big players such as Google and Microsoft.

the solution

The CI Security Suite brings the IT security expertise necessary to detect critical vulnerabilities preventively with the help of fuzzing into the development departments of your company without costly experts. It currently helps to avoid vulnerabilities in C/C++ projects. identify. Further programming languages are planned. Our potential users come from the following areas:

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