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The advantages of Code Intelligence

With Code Intelligence, your software will be continuously checked for critical vulnerabilities. These sophisticated fuzzing techniques have previously only been accessible to academia and few leading IT companies.

No false positives

We help companies create secure software. By fuzzing we find many vulnerabilities, reliability issues and crashes without any false positives.

Continuous testing

Our CI tests become part of the continuous QM process. Vulnerabilities and crashes are displayed in a ticket system or code review tools.

Usable fuzzing

We integrate expert knowledge into the CI Security Suite. Therefore our solution is applicable for every company and can be used by every software developer.

Fuzzing for everyone

Fuzzing experts are hardly available on the job market. Therefore, fuzzing is de facto not economical for many companies. This is where Code Intelligence comes in and helps you to apply fuzzing in your company.

How it works


Voices on Code-Intelligence

Thomas Tschersich ┬╗With Code Intelligence securing your software takes new paths regarding quality and efficiency┬ź
Thomas Tschersich // Senior Vice President Internal Security & Cyber Defense // Deutsche Telekom


As the world becomes more and more digital and networked, the risk of unwanted access increases. Fuzzing is one way of identifying potential gaps. The problem is there is very few experts in this field. Code Intelligence helps you to fuzz in your QM process.



In recent years, the Code Intelligence project has explored possibilities with high precision and easy to understand applications to identify vulnerabilities in source code. Here it was confirmed that fuzzing has been the most successful technique to find critical vulnerabilities in the recent years.



Code Intelligence is offering a lot auf services to support you when it comes to securing your software. To name a few:

  • find critical vulnerabilities
  • integration of Fuzzing
  • simple description of vulnerabilities
  • No False-Positives


Team and Career

Behind Code Intelligence is a dedicated team with a passion for IT security. Powered by this passion the team develops solutions to secure your code and software Want to be a part of Code Intelligence? Do you think that your talent will help today and in the future? Then click on the button below and apply. We look forward to receive your application."