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Code Intelligence analyzes vulnerabilities in binary code and allows unprecedented insights into software in order to ensure the security of machines.

the product

In the era of Internet of things (IoT), an increasing amount of devices are connected with the internet. The majority of those devices are produces abroad, and with no access to the source code it has previously been very cumbersome to ensure the security of those interconnected systems. Code Intelligence supports companies the selection of hardware suppliers, security audits of systems (replacing blackbox testing) as well as forensics after a breach.

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the technology

In the past years we worked on the development of a decompiler which can generate easily comprehensible source code from binary code with high precision. In the past months, the Code Intelligence Team has transformed this technology into a ready-to-use product, combining abstraction reconstructions with a graph representation of the code...

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Prof. Dr. Smith

"Code Intelligence developed the world's leading technology in binary analysis"

Prof. Dr. Matthew Smith // Professor for Usable Security, University Bonn // Fraunhofer FKIE

the team

Code Intelligence is driven by a diverse team passionate about software security and binary code analysis. With a strong background in academics, the team is sure to deliver innovative solutions now and in the future.

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